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Welcome to my Fundamentals on Digital Fabrication - Documentation site

This site is to document my activities during the Fundamentals of digital fabrication course, offered by the FabLab Kamp-Lintfort at the Hochschule Rhein Waal and executed by Mr. Daniele Ingrassia during the Winter Semester 2020/21

I’m taking this course because I want to improve my digital fabrication skills.

About FabLab

FabLab stands for Fabrication Laboratory, it is a digital manufacturing workshop for personal use that is a space for the production of physical objects on a personal or local scale that groups together machines controlled by computers. Its particularity lies in its size and in its strong link with society rather than with industry.

About the FODF course

It is intended as a general overview and hands-on experience on nowadays available digital fabrication tools and techniques

This weekly course is composed of the next lectures, all of them with a practical assignment:

- Project management.
- 2D and 3D Design.
- Laser Cutting.
- 3D Printing.
- Embedded programming.
- Input devices.
- Output devices.
- Electronics design.

It finishes with a Final Project which contains aspects from all or most of the lectures.

Last update: February 12, 2021