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2D and 3D Design | Hook

This second week I worked on getting used to 2D and 3D design.

For this assignment I searched for some examples of technical drawing with measurements, and I found this hook:
You can find the picture here


- For the 2D designing we used LibreCAD.
- For 3D designing we used Fusion 360.

2D design

This was my first approach to LibreCAD, but this is just about getting used to the interface.

  • Every were done using the basic figures in the menu on the left.
    The ones I used for this drawing were Vertical line, Horizontal line, [2 points, Radius] Circle,[Center, Radius] Circle and Spline: 2D_Hook

  • Once it was done, I used the tool Trim for deleting the lines I don’t want: 2D_Hook

  • This is the result: 2D_Hook

  • To make sure that all of the dimensions are right, I used the Narrow tool, which allow us to measure vertical and horizontal lines, radius and diameters: 2D_Hook 2D_Hook

3D design

I already had some experience on basic 3D design with Fusion 360, and this time there were two new commands for me which I had to use a lot: Loft and Plane at angle.

  • I used the 2D file I made in LibreCAD, so first step was to import it into Fusion.

  • I started with the”main” part of the hook; since this is not a specific geometric figure and also has different diameters, I can’t use the very basic 3D commands (Extrude, Revolve, Box, Cylinder or Sphere), so I used Loft:

    • Divided the shape into various parts and then Finish Sketch: Sketch

      Note: Every part should have have a smooth and simple shape.

    • Create planes in every line: In Solid tab > Construct > Plane at angle > Select one line > Type 90deg > OK: Sketch
    • Make circles on all of the created planes: Circles
    • Create the loft: In Solid tab > Create > Loft > Select two continuous Profiles > Add the Rails like shown: Loft
  • I made the above parts with sketches and extrusion: Loft 3D_Hook

A full view of the model:

3D_Hook by Jeff Josue on Sketchfab


- 2D Design - Hook: 2D_Hook.dxf

- 3D design - Hook: 3D_Hook.f3d

Last update: February 12, 2021